About the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System

The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) [sea-use] is a national online platform for sharing, discovering and accessing ocean data in Canada. Data that is integrated into CIOOS will be visible regionally and nationally. CIOOS currently consists of three Regional Association (RAs).


Our three Regional Associations of CIOOS

CIOOS Atlantic
CIOOS Pacific

As the Atlantic Regional Association, CIOOS Atlantic is focused on the integration of oceanographic data from the Atlantic seaboard, a region spanning from Labrador to the USA. We are committed to the development of a data management and dissemination approach that meets the needs of the local oceanographic community and contributes to global ocean observing initiatives.

Open Ocean Data for Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canadians share a deep connection to the ocean, and information about the ocean provides many benefits for our society and economy. CIOOS Atlantic was officially launched in March 2019 and is working to provide data not only to researchers and government agencies but also to a broad range of end-users, ranging from coastal communities to ocean industries, First Nations, and non-governmental organizations. Connect with one of our Engagement Specialists to learn more.

The Power of Partnerships

Atlantic Canada is home to world-class researchers and centres of expertise in ocean science. CIOOS Atlantic builds on these strengths with a consortium of partners committed to the development of a data management and dissemination approach for the extensive oceanographic data collected along the Atlantic Seaboard. We welcome new partnerships. Please contact CIOOS Atlantic Executive Director, Shayla Fitzsimmons, to learn more.

CIOOS Atlantic is a regional initiative built on a culture of collaboration

Essential Ocean Variables

CIOOS Atlantic provides full support for all EOVs aligned with the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) as part of Canada’s commitment to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021 – 2030). This approach allows us to contribute to global efforts and better understand the ocean, marine issues, and interactions with other earth systems.

National Teams

CIOOS Atlantic works to represent regional interests at the national level by participating in national governance committees and technical task teams, and by collaborating with the National Web Presence and Data Stewardship Node. Additional information about these structures will soon be available on the CIOOS National website.